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An Andrew Pinkus Backgammon Set is the epitome of luxury for any Backgammon player and is reflected in the detail and fine finishing of this masterpiece. Each board is unique, being individually handcrafted using time honoured methods to ensure it is perfect in all aspects.

For Andrew Pinkus is good price very important but not the most important. The most important thing for him is to offer a quality of the highest class that allows backgammon board holds at least for life no matter how old the buyer upon purchase.

All materials that the board is made of, wood, leather, wire, metal, is carefully designed to ensure maximum gaming and quality experience when backgammon board used openly on the table, when it should be worn to and from the venue and when it should be stored. That you have to make an effort to keep his eyes away from the board when it is open on the table, was not something Andrew was intentional but that is exactly what happens when his masterpiece is in action.

Without all these precautionary measures, and quality both in terms of manufacturing and materials had backgammon board certainly have cost half as much from what it does today, the most important thing for him is the quality, and then comes a great price. The best quality at the lowest possible price simply.

An Andrew Pinkus set is equally suited to the most devoted backgammon enthusiast as to those who appreciate great beauty and craft.

Andrew Pinkus backgammon boards are available in three versions; The Backgammon Boards Polemon and Asander in Tournament Size and The Backgammon Board Dynamis in Standard Size.

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Backgammon Board POLEMON 1015 Tournament in Brown
The Backgammon Set POLEMON in Tournament size is created with a vegetable tanned calf skin in a thre..
3,775 EUR
Ex Tax: 3,020 EUR
Backgammon Board DYNAMIS 1013 Standard in Blue
The Backgammon Set DYNAMIS in Standard Size is created with a vegetable tanned calf skin in a t..
3,445 EUR
Ex Tax: 2,756 EUR
Backgammon Board DYNAMIS 1017 Standard in Green
The Backgammon Set DYNAMIS in Standard size is created with a vegetable tanned calf skin in a t..
3,445 EUR
Ex Tax: 2,756 EUR
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